"". Akua Donkor Drops More Gists About Why Mahama Chooses Young Ladies Over Lordina



Akua Donkor Drops More Gists About Why Mahama Chooses Young Ladies Over Lordina

The ‘Papa no’ battle of former President Mahama doesn’t look like it will be seeing an end anytime soon as Madam Akua Donkor continuous to be a thorn in the flesh of the former President and the NDC.

Akua Donkor in reacting to the recent suit which she was slapped with has gone ahead to drop more gist about why she strongly believes Mahama is the ‘Papa no’.

According to Akua Donkor in her latest jab, she claimed former President Mahama told her that his wife Lordina is too old for kids hence his decision to go for the young ladies who can give him some more children.

She explained that the former president who was once her friend sent her to Agogo to assist a lady which he was sleeping with who has allegedly given birth for him.

Before Akua Donkor threatened to release a video and photos of Mahama’s side chick in Tema whom he bought a house for in Tema, The Ghana Freedom Party First alleged that the said woman in Tema had a child for the former president adding that he is the real ‘Papa no’.

Her comments which infuriated some NDC sympathizers has landed her in court as one of the party’s faithful’s has sued her and is demanding GHC1,00 million or damages on their flagbearer and the party.

But as it stands, not even the lawsuit from the NDC looks like it will scar Akua Donkor because she has clearly stated that she is ready to face her accusers in court.

She has also disclosed that she wouldn’t change her mind about the fact that former President Mahama is the ‘Papa no’ the real ‘papa no’ that everyone I looking for.

However, Akua Donkor’s comments are still left for her to handle and as to whether she will apologize at the end or not is her personal choice.

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