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Apps: 5 Apps More Important Than University Degree- Profile Empire

3 Apps More Important Than University Degree

Information is power, staying informed is vital in acquisition of wealth.

The idea is to acquire the knowledge even if it is done without accessing the four walls of a university.

Now, take a look at this illustration;

What do you think will become of universities if no certificate of degree is offered after graduation?

Do you think a lot of persons will still go through the rigorous process of attending a university?

Obviously, a 'no'

I believe the main reason why so many people went through the university is because of the certificate as well as to acquire certain level of societal prestige attributed to persons who are schooled.

Today, you see graduates who can't do as much as some persons who are not schooled, don't be surprised, it is what today's school is all about.

Personally, I think the only time a person should be forced to obtain a university degree is when their choice/ field of study is anything medically related or health related, criminal investigation, law, cyber security programs can even be learnt through these apps I'm about to unveil to you.

1. Google:


In the past, some of us, visited cyber cafes in order to have access to Google, today, it isn't so. Virtually all phones, android, apple, symbian or the rest, now come with it, making it quite handy.

With Google, you can get any information you want without stress.

With Google you can access several online courses that could help build you in any area you dim fit.

With Google, you obtain all necessary information that a university professor or lecturer won't teach you.

2. YouTube

I have heard a lot of people call YouTube a social media platform, that's actually a lie from the pit of hell.

What's the work of a social media platform?

It's a place where people can socialize with with friends through chats, calls and videos. YouTube is none of these. It is true that you can actually stream videos on YouTube, but, their is a huge difference between YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

With a YouTube, you can learn basic tutorials on any skill you fancy.

Just think about it, most well-paying skills can be learned/ obtained through YouTube and the good news is that you can do it at the comfort of your home, without stress, unlike in universities where stress and pain is the watch word.

3. Podcast:

Some of us do not and might never understand the importance of podcast.

With podcast, you can actually download any book of your choice and listen to the audio version. You practically have a technology that enables an unseen being read out something to you.

With podcast, you can listen to the motivational speech of any motivational speaker of your choice.

With podcast, you can learn a whole degree course just by listening to the voicing done by some renowned professors.

And like I said about the other two apps, you won't be stressed and of course you won't be spending much.

So what do you think about this?

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